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Orla Owl- The Thinking Part

The neo cortex is our thinking brain and the part responsible for all higher-order conscious activity such as language, abstract thought, imagination, and creativity. The prefrontal cortex at the front is our upstairs brain.

Milo Monkey- The Mammalian Part  

Sometimes referred to as the emotional brain, the limbic system (amygdala) is the reactive part of us that handles our feelings and emotional responses. It works with our reptilian brain as part of the downstairs team

Lenny Lizard- The Reptilian Part

This brainstem part of the brain is responsible for the most basic survival functions, such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and movement. It works with our mammalian brain as part of the downstairs team. 

Imagine your brain as having 3 key parts. They function best when they work as part of a team -together as your Brilliant Brain Friends. Each of the Brain Friends plays an important part in helping us manage our body, emotions and thinking. When our Brain Friends are working well we are regulated, emotionally secure and able to think, process and learn. 

Meet The Brain Friends

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